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An iOS Extension to allow you to access all the gems of SignBox eSignatures from within the comfort of your own Apps.

Conveniently launch SignBox iOS Extension on any of your PDF documents from within your own installed apps; e.g.: DropBox, Mail, OneDrive, … etc.


We’ve even taken it a step further and packaged the capability to pass back the Signed PDF to the calling App thus acting seamlessly as extensions were intended to; A plug-in.


That said, many apps do not handle receiving back passed document from Extensions. To overcome such as shortcoming we’ve also packed an option to allow you to store the signed document in any of your already enabled cloud-storage accounts on your device, or just simply share anywhere and with anyone using the iOS share function.


Nonetheless, a local copy of the signed document is kept for you in a local and touchID secures App Library for you to access at any time and carry forward your actions.


Sadek Shunnar

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